Looking for a Private School? Top 3 Reasons to Choose a Quaker Education

Posted by Sandy Spring Friends School on Jan 26, 2017, 8:30:00 AM
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What is a Quaker education?  How is it different?  Why is it so effective?  Whether you are currently within the Quaker community, or simply researching educational options for your child, there is great value in exploring how Quaker education differs from traditional public and private school. The value of Quaker education lies both in its philosophy and its execution.

Here are three of the top reasons why Quaker education is so highly regarded.

Here are three of the top reasons why Quaker education is so highly regarded:   

  • Inclusivity

We live in an exciting but tumultuous time in history. While ground is being broken throughout the country regarding social equality, many school-aged children are unfortunately bearing the weight of this shift. School bullying is at an all-time high, and public educational institutions struggle to stay ahead of this dangerous issue. One incredible and priceless benefit of Quaker education is the cornerstone tenant of inclusivity. The entire community--parents, teachers, administration, and children--are held to a standard of trust, acceptance, and respect; It is believed that God is within all of us, and everyone deserves equal treatment. Children who attend Quaker schools are able to flourish academically because they feel safe within their learning environment, and nothing is more important than this.      

  • Hands-On Learning

Research has shown that deeper learning occurs when students are actively engaged in their topic, using both their minds and their bodies. Rather than sitting at a desk and doing a worksheet, Quaker education values hands-on, exploratory learning. Much of the education provided is inquiry-based, which allows the students to pique their own interest in the subject and delve deeper into its complexities, thus learning and retaining the content at an extensive level. In fact, here at Sandy Spring Friends School (SSFS), education often takes place outside of the classroom. Our students have the pleasure of learning on a 140-acre campus, equipped with a fitness center, climbing wall, sports fields, a swimming pond, and even an aerial park. The crucial links between mind, body, and overall well-being are cherished and utilized daily at SSFS.

  • Exposure to the Arts and Globalization

In the highly academic and standardized world of today's educational system, the arts and humanities have taken a big hit. The majority of public elementary schools in the U.S. now offer less than one hour of arts education per week, and secondary institutions often require only one semester of arts to graduate. In elementary schools, social studies is another subject that has taken a back seat to math and reading. Quaker education values the arts and finds extreme necessity in exposure to global issues. Not only are the arts and humanities crucial for whole brain learning, but careers that utilize both are increasing exponentially. Quaker schools prepare students to succeed in the workplace because their students are taught creative problem-solving skills and big picture analysis of international affairs.   

When deciding where to educate your child, the most important thing to remember is that children learn best when they feel safe  and are having fun in an inclusive environment. Quaker education provides both of these pivotal elements while also implementing rigorous standards and whole brain learning.

Are you ready to explore a Quaker education?  We invite you to visit Sandy Spring Friends School and learn how our Quaker education prepares students for college, teaches them to enjoy learning throughout life, and inspires them to become useful, constructive, and caring citizens of the world.

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