5-Day Boarding School: A Perfect Balance Between School and Family

Posted by Sandy Spring Friends School on Jan 31, 2017, 8:30:00 AM
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Boarding school offers an unforgettable and transforming experience for students.  If boarding school conjures up images of parents weeping as they say goodbye to their children for 3 months at a time, you may be happy to hear about the 5-day boarding school option - a perfect balance between school and family. 

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Consider the benefits of a 5-day boarding program:

First-Year Transition

A 5-day program is a great way to introduce your child to living away from family for the first time. Knowing they will go home every Friday afternoon can help keep homesickness at bay. This will keep their focus on their studies and not on what they might be missing out on at home. Your child is typically free to go home after classes and athletic commitments on Friday afternoon. Students return Sunday afternoon to begin getting ready for the next school week.

College Preparation

Both the curriculum of a 5-day college prep boarding school and the daily experience of living on campus prepares students for college and life beyond. Students gain independence as they learn to balance their education with free time without having parents there to remind them to stay on track. Teachers and house parents take an active role in teaching students to prioritize their study time. Learning these skills in high school allows the student time to practice them before moving on to college, putting them a step ahead. 

Continued Quality Family Time

Take advantage of quality weekend family time with a 5-day boarding option.  From Friday afternoon, until students return to campus on Sunday, families can enjoy each other's company. Having your child board from Sunday to Friday eliminates the rush to get in and out the door each day and eliminates the stress of daily transportation to school, athletic activities and home.

If you are considering a 5-day boarding school program, Sandy Springs Friends School (SSFS) is a great place to start.  We're conveniently located  between Washington, D.C. and Baltimore in Sandy Springs, Maryland.  Visit our site for more information on our diverse, college-prep, boarding school.

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